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Hello peasant-folk! Less than 24 hours until a new episode of Game of Thrones, which is way exciting, so we wanted to let you know that Throned has a new iTunes feed– which is not so exciting, but surprisingly important.

If you’ve been subscribed to our old feed, you might have noticed that it, well, doesn’t exactly work. (And by “exactly”, we mean “at all.”) So to have piping-hot episodes of Throned delivered to your iTunes every week, be sure to subscribe to our new feed via this link here.

Oh! And be sure and follow us on Twitter hereabouts. If you go for that sort of thing 😉


The Kingsroad! Ish!

Are you guys bizarrely excited for tonight’s brand new episode of Game of Thrones? So are we!

However, due to stuff, we aren’t going to be able to watch episode two until Tuesday-ish, so our own deconstructive episode won’t be up until… after that.

Very sorry for the delay, but hopefully after this is will be smooth sailing on Throned!

What’s the Date?

Oh, right. April 17th.

Stay tuned, peasantfolk ;-D

Watch. Drool. Wipe Mouth. Repeat.

Longest two weeks ever?

Before the Roar

Hello, everyone.

There will be a podcast here, soon. A podcast of ice and fire.

Well. Not exactly. But sort of.

Are you excited? We’re excited. And we’ll be back soon.

Until then, we remain your humble hosts,

Michelle and Hailey